Ian Coats BSc (Hons) BD PhD Dip Clin Hyp

Ian Coats BSc (Hons) BD PhD Dip Clin Hyp

Ian initially worked as a psychologist in community welfare with disturbed children and adolescents for some years before pursuing other academic and artistic interests. He returned to psychology in 1992 to establish this practice with Marta.

In addition to helping with issues like anxiety and depression in adults, Ian’s particular areas of interest and focus include working with trauma, personal development issues (especially with men) and exploring life direction and career issues (with adults, but especially young people). Ian also works with children and is trained and experienced in the use of hypnosis.

Further, he offers constructive approaches to conflict resolution (with couples, families, in organizations) and has experience and skills in addressing challenges in organizational settings (including consulting, training, teambuilding). He has also considerable experience in providing Employee Assistance Programs for a diverse range of organisations.

Ian also has a strong background in music and the arts, as well as faith and religious issues, and greatly enjoys working with people in these areas as well.

Marta is able to assist with a range of difficulties and is experienced in working with children and adults and specializes in the use of hypnosis.