Providing Psychological Services Since 1992

Marta Lohyn and Ian Coats are experienced psychologists who have been in private practice together since 1992. They work with adults, children and adolescents, as well as with couples and families. Marta and Ian have a strong commitment to offering highly skilled and caring assistance. Together they provide clinical services for a range of psychological difficulties, offer hypnosis as a powerful tool for change, and also specialise in Family Court assessments.


For anxiety, depression, sleep and stress


Builds your strengths and helps you change

Family Court

Assessments for children’s matters

Marta is able to assist with a range of difficulties, including anxiety, depression and trauma. She is experienced in working with children and adults and specializes in the use of hypnosis.

Do I need a referral?

If you are eligible for the Medicare Rebate, your GP will prepare a Mental Health Care Plan for you. Or you can claim from your private health fund if you have extras cover for psychology. Otherwise you can just call and make an appointment.

What about Family Court matters?

When both parties agree to engage us for a family assessment, the solicitors arrange the appointment and all details of appointments and fees are then confirmed.

Ian works with children and adults across a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression and trauma. He also assists  with relationship issues and life direction.

Need Urgent Assistance

Crisis Care

If you need to urgently speak to someone, call Crisis Care on 13 1611 for assistance.

If you would like some immediate assistance with anxiety or depression, and use online resources to help with this, contact Mindspot on 1800 61 44 34 or at

Issues With Pain

If you are having issues with pain and want some up to date ideas on how to understand and manage pain, go to: 

Online Resources

If you would like to explore MP3 downloads and CD’s for Hypnosis with anxiety, depression, sleep problems and self-development, visit the site for Dr Michael Yapko, a renowned clinical psychologist in the use of Hypnosis (especially for depression). You can find his site at:

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Training in Hypnosis

For information about training in Hypnosis please visit Hypnosis Today on   Marta Lohyn and psychologist Merrilly Watson work together to provide training to heath professionals in contemporary hypnosis and its use for a range of psychological problems.

Hypnosis can help with Tinnitus

Hypnosis can help with Tinnitus. For information please see Marta and counsellor John Wibrow have founded the Tinnitus Clinic which combines Tinnitus counselling, neurofeedback and hypnosis to assist with managing Tinnitus.   

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